Dr Geri Parlby
Dr Geri Parlby Art Historian & Freelance Lecturer

Fiction, Fallacy & Fake News - Spin and propaganda in art throughout the ages
From Garbo to Garland – The magical art of Hollywood
From Magic Lanterns to Metro Goldwyn Mayer: The birth of the Silver Screen and the art that surrounded it
Shock! Horror! Probe! The art and artifice of ‘Fleet Street’: A newspaper story in pictures
Arsenic and Old Wallpaper – the darker side of William Morris
Harems. Hookahs, Odalisques and Ottomans: A Passion for the Oriental in 18th & 19th Century Art
Mad, Bad & Fascinating to Know – The colourful ancestors of the Dukes of Bedford
Cave Paintings and Prehistoric Carvings: Can we really call them art?
Faces from the Grave– The Beautiful and Mysterious Mummy Portraits of Roman Egypt
The History and Art of the Catacombs of Rome
Gods and Goddesses - Saints and Sinners The revival of mythological art from the 15th to the 19th Century
What exactly is Byzantine Art and how do you pronounce it?
The Emperor and the Prostitute. Justinian and Theodora, the most notorious couple in the history of Byzantium and the art they inspired.
The Art of the Magical Cave Churches of Cappadocia in Turkey
The Origins of the Icon – Painted wooden panels or Eastern Windows to Heaven?
Mary Mary Quite Contrary: Images of the Virgin Mary in art
Elizabethan Art and the myth of the Virgin Queen
Angels, Saints & Virgins – the Extraordinary Art of the Hispanic Andes
The Stained Glass Windows of William Morris and his Circle
The Adoration of the Magi: From Catacomb to Christmas card, who were the Wise Men of Christian art?
Mary Magdalene: A Character Assassination in Art.
The History and Art of the Nativity Crib
Snakes, Saints and Pawnbrokers - The Truth About Christmas

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Fiction, Fallacy & Fake News - Spin and propaganda in art throughout
the ages

Fake News has been around since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs and art has always been one of its favourite media.

In this talk I will be uncovering the subtle art of spin and propaganda from the glories of Ancient Mesopotamia to the Norman Conquest and then on to Elizabethan England and the dark days of Nazi Germany.

Every picture tells a story - whether it is true or not is an entirely different matter.